Signature Group Program

Stress-Busting Series: Software Developers, Engineers and Coders

The group coaching program that helps software engineers, developers, and all coders reduce stress to improve their work-life balance and buy back their time.

You’ve created a life for yourself that many people only dream of. You have worked hard to get to where you are today in your high-level and well-compensated position. But at what cost?

You feel overworked, stressed out, with sky-high expectations and less-than-stable job security. Plus, you barely get to see your family, and when you do you are so preoccupied with work or just plain exhausted, that it feels like you’re not even there.

You deserve better.

“What’s the point of all this success if you can’t even enjoy it?”

At this point, you’re getting tired of…

  • Feeling stressed all the time
  • Long work hours
  • No time to exercise
  • Feelings of anxiety and worry
  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  • Unable to connect with your feelings
  • Stuck in your head
  • Worried about your kids
  • Feeling diminished by a boss or management
  • The only one on your team who actually gives a sh**

Am I right?

Well, the good news is that there’s a way out. There are skills and techniques you can learn to get out of this self-sabotaging, fast track to burnout cycle.

Inside The Stress-Busting Series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduced both the physical symptoms and emotional impact of severe stress and anxiety
  • Have more time to take care of yourself and spend quality time with your family
  • Give your nervous system a break and experience peace and wellbeing
  • Reconnect with your deeper purpose in life and feel fulfilled

You’re a logical thinker. You’re very connected to the rational side of your brain, and in this program, we’re going to learn how to connect with the emotional side too.

It might sound a little “woo-woo” or “out there,” now, but trust me, once you get inside and start learning the science behind all of these tools and techniques, your mind will be blown.

This sh** works, and it’s going to open up a whole new paradigm of what you’re actually capable of, and ultimately make it easy to start making new choices in your life, leading to radical transformation.

What’s included in the Stress-Busting  Series?

A 6-week group coaching program
Weekly 1.5-hour live video calls for training and live, hot-seat coaching
Private Facebook community for networking and added support

Topics covered:

  • Purpose and goal setting
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Communication skills
  • Managing difficult personalities
  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Efficient in-office and remote organization
  • How to avoid procrastination and stay motivated


Pay in Full BONUS: One 1-hour 1:1 coaching session with Troy.
Option to upgrade to 1:1 coaching for an additional $250 per week.
 *Payment plans available.

If you know that the way you’re living your life now is not sustainable, and you’re ready to commit to your own self-improvement for a better quality of life for you and your family, this program is for you.

Join a network of like-minded, tech industry professionals who “get it,” who you can relate to, and both give support to and receive support from.

The first step is the most important, and all it takes is having a conversation with Troy to see if this program is a good fit for you.

Your time for change is now!

“Don’t be afraid of failure. Be more open to it,
because that’s the only way to move forward.”

Take the 15 Question Burnout Assessment

Feeling tightness in your chest?  Are you exhausted but can’t sleep?  Do you constantly feel drained? 

These are all symptoms of burnout.

This quick quiz will help you identify the key indicators of this problematic issue so you can get a better idea of what’s impacting your stress levels and start resolving those issues. Once you take the quiz, your results will be sent to your inbox immediately.

“Ready to find a work/life balance that fulfills all parts of who you are?”


The Stress-Busting Series for Coders was made for you.